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Annica Cuppetelli and Cristobal Mendoza are artists and collaborators focusing on the creation of site-specific, multimedia installations that address issues of space, interaction and materiality. Our installations combine traditional craft and common materials with interactive digital video projections and computational design processes, and they address the formal qualities of a given site while creating an interactive and participatory environment.

Our work is about space, but we attempt to address it from multiple directions: the space between the real and the virtual; between what exists and what is ignored; between the sensual and the logical; between our bodies and the physical structures that surround us. Thus, our work is also based on interaction; without a participant we consider our pieces incomplete.

Our work is also about the intersection of our particular disciplines’ languages. Patterning, repetition and interaction are issues that are highly relevant to both fiber/fashion and computer programming. Thus, the results of our collaboration begin with the commonalities we have discovered in our specialties, but develop through the hybrid vocabulary engendered by that dialog.

Additional projects, images and videos available at: www.cuppetellimendoza.com

MDF, elastic cord, video projectors, video camera, speakers, computer, custom software.
30' x 32' x 6"
Interference Pool
Plywood, elastic cord, video projectors, video cameras, sound system, computer, custom software
Nervous Structure
Wood, elastic cord, projector, camera, computer, custom software.
12' x 8'.
Nervous Structure 10
MDF, elastic cord, video projector, video camera, computer, custom software.
8' x 8' x 6'
Linear Cycle
Wood, elastic cord, projector, computer, custom software.
9' x 6.5' x 3"
Nervous Structure 3
video projector, video camera, computer, custom software.
14' x 12' x 6'.
Standing Wave
Plywood, acoustical foam, video projectors, video cameras, computer, speakers, subwoofer, custom software.
29' x 10' x 2'
Nervous Structure 5
Spandex, video projector, video camera, computer, custom software.
10' x 13' x 6
Tulle, blue neon lights.
6’ x 9’ x 50’