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Visual Display Study
Visual Display Study
Boning, Pins, Clips, Books.

Commercial visual displays are designed to lure a costumer into the store with the hopes of making a sale. Visual displays, much like the products they sell, tend to be aspirational, hoping to connect with a costumer who can identify with the brand. Visual displays and products attempt to manipulate desire, but clothes do more than that: they manipulate your body, or what you want for a body.

My work uses the language of commercial fashion display to question assumptions about ideal bodily beauty, showing how throughout history clothes have molded women’s bodies. This study presents samples that are based on the average woman’s waist in various centuries:

1890 16”–18” waist
1965 25”
2015 35”

By juxtaposing these forms with a visual presentation that evokes the commercial fashion world, my hope is to open a conversation that addresses projective desire, unrealistic standards of beauty and the female body.